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              Welcome to Ganfeng Lithium Group Co., Ltd.!(A share code: 002460 | H share code: 01772)


              dual-listed on Shenzhen and Hong Kong Stock Exchange


              No. of employees worldwide

              years in the lithium industry

              No. of applied national patents

              tons of LCE

              of planned annual capacity in the future

              As the world's leading lithium eco-enterprise, Ganfeng Lithium's business segments cover from upstream 'lithium resource development', midstream' lithium refinery and lithium metal smelting', to downstream' lithium battery manufacturing and battery recycling'. Our products are widely used in EVs, energy storage systems, 3C products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, etc.
              Ganfeng's lithium resources are located in several countries and regions worldwide, and we have advanced technologies for 'lithium extraction from brine', 'lithium extraction from ore', and 'lithium recycling'. Our production capacity of lithium compounds and lithium metals is among the highest in the world. Ganfeng also has the capacity to manufacture and recycle batteries, providing EVs, battery, and electronics OEMs with raw material supply, battery customization, and recycling solutions. >> know more
              Provide high quality raw materials for global automobile, battery and material manufacturers
              Green Travel
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              Provide energy storage equipment for clean energy
              Clean energy storage
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              Battery solution provider for mobile phones, headphones, sweepers and other consumer electronic devices
              Smart life
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              Recycling, processing and reuse of resources from used batteries
              Recycling economy
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              Provide efficient, environment-friendly and intelligent lithium power battery systems for industrial vehicles
              Industrial transformation
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